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Market Samurai Unbiased Detailed Review

In this Article, I will offer you ‘the reader’ an honest and a very detailed review of a very powerful SEO software that i use, called Market Samurai. It will be lengthy just for me to make sure you get the feel of what this software can do. So be patient and ensure you read till the very end. STAY TUNED!!!

Market Samurai Review:

Market Samurai is one of the best SEO tools, it comes with various individual module which will assist anybody willing to venture into SEO related stuffs, the various modules offered in Market Samurai includes;

  • Keyword Research tool
  • Rank Tracker
  • ​SEO Competition tool
  • ​Domain Tool
  • ​Monetization tool
  • Find Content tool
  • Publish Content tool
  • Promotion tool

You can see from the above list, the various modules offered in this software and the best part is you are getting all these at a cheaper rate of $149 (or $97 only if you click here). There are some related good SEO tools out there offering either one of the above module at a costly price, let’s say $50-$200, so you can imagine the opportunity placed on you if you get Market Samurai.

I have used Market Samurai like close to a year now and must say it’s really good, I get like 1-2 updates every week, you can see these guys have not abandoned their project and are really up and doing to ensure their software is up to date with the ever changing SEO techniques in the industry. Market Samurai has been in the SEO industry for more than five years and has still reclaimed its position as one of the oldest and best SEO tool in the industry; it’s still being used by over 50,000 people worldwide.

Market Samurai Price:

Market Samurai full version cost $149. HOWEVER, if you download the Market Samurai 7 Days trial version (click here to download Market Samurai trial version) you will be offered an exclusive discount of 35% via email from the guys at Market Samurai. This means you can get the full version for only $97!

Note: To be eligible for the 35% discount, you must buy Market Samurai within the trial period.

Downloading the trial version will help you learn and understand how market samurai really works. You will also find a lot of detailed tutorials in the DOJO area at their website.

Market Samurai Dojo:

The Market Samurai Dojo is an area on their website dedicated to training videos that will guide you through the learning processes involved in each module. Actually, I don’t think there is much to learn to be able to use Market Samurai because the team behind it has made it as simple as possible that even my Grand mom can start using it within an Hour. The knowledge base is so much packed that you won’t see Questions to ask their fast response support.

Anyways, let’s explain what each of the above module it’s all about and what it can do for its users.

Rank Tracker:

Rank tracker is a tool used in tracking keywords ranking in Search Engines. What this module offers is you can track up to ten keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo. The down fall of this is it can only track ten keywords nothing more, unless you are subscribed to their third party partners; Only then can you track more than ten keywords ranking (depending on your plan). I actually use third party software in tracking my keywords ranking because of the limitations in this Rank Tracker module.

Using one of my sites to check keyword ranking on Google

market samurai rank tracker

Keyword Research Tool:

This is one of the competitive tools in the SEO market today; it researches, generates and finds new keyword ideas which can be used in building an online empire based on search volume and its worth. The Market Samurai keyword research tool lets you either manually input your keyword ideas, or import your saved file directly into it.

If you have none, then this is where this tool does its magic. Just input your target keyword and click the ‘Generate Keywords’ button and Market Samurai will try and find keywords ‘which are being searched by real people in Google’ that are related to your target keyword. After which you will be presented with a whole lot of useful keywords.

Let’s try and practicalize on what I wrote above, am going to take the keyword market samuraias an example keyword.

Once you click on the ‘Keyword Analysis’ button, you will be taken to a new screen which shows your keywords in an analyzed form. Here you will see the statistics of each keyword like; average daily or monthly searches, number of advertisers bidding on a keyword, the number of traffic a No 1 ranked site in Google will receive and so on.

market samurai keyword research

You can see the list of keywords generated by Market Samurai accompanied by the number of searches and the rest. The keyword ‘market samurai’ has 12,100 average monthly searches, which is not bad for a lucrative affiliate business start-up. There are so many related keywords with a good number of monthly searches and less competition which you can choose from in running your campaigns.

Above, you can see I applied a filter ‘Golden Rule’ to my keyword analysis, this filter ‘Golden Rule’ is based on what Market Samurai team call—Relevancy, Traffic, Competition and Commerciality. There are three other filters included here which can be adjusted to suite your needs, they include Long Tail; Challenge and Custom; but my favorite is theGolden Rule’ filter.

Let’s break down some of the important abbreviations in each of the above column:

Searches: Average number of people who searches for that keyword (it can be daily, weekly or monthly searches).

SEOT: An estimate of how many clicks you could receive if your site was number 1 in the search engines for that keyword.

Trends: Indicates monthly traffic trends for a particular keyword.

AWCPC: An indication of what you might expect to pay to be the number 1 ranked advertiser for a particular keyword in Google.

SEOV: The total value of traffic that a website ranked number 1 in Google for a keyword could potentially achieve. (Again, you can set the traffic to display daily, weekly or monthly).

SEO competition:

The SEO competition is one of my favorite modules in Market Samurai. What it does is it displays Google’s top 10 results for your keyword. Not only does it show you the top 10 results but it provides other metrics relating to each ranking URL, like the Domain Age; Page rank (which has been replaced by citation and trust flow); Page Backlink; Whether its DMOZ listed etc. This will help you understand the kind of competitors you will be dealing with, their backlink source and so on.

seo samurai

There is one favorite stuff in this SEO competition module that I like termedReverse Engineeryou competitors backlink source, what this means is that Market Samurai can analyze your competitors backlink and show you where they are getting all their links from, accompanied by the anchor texts used for those links, which you can replicate from. Let’s say one of your competitors got links from blog commenting and Guest posting, you can as well comment and offer to guest post on those blogs and get the same link juice which is ranking that competitor.

Do you know what this means when you replicate this ‘Reverse Engineer’ method on the entire top 10 domains ranking for your keyword– NONE of your competitors will see your back, the only problem with this kind of method is some of your competitor’s links may be difficult to replicate, either they got a link from DMOZ (which takes months to be reviewed and accepted) or from their PBN. But for others like Blog commenting, Guest posting etc will be a lot easier to be implemented.

Another good thing about this module is it allows unlimited checking of any URL backlink source. Unlike Majestic, Ahrefs and other backlink checking tools that offer monthly subscription of ($44-$1299).

Here is a breakdown of each of the above Abbreviations:

DA: The Domain Age.

PR: The Google Page Rank of the domain.

CF: Majestic’s ‘Citation Flow’.

TF: Majestic’s ‘Trust Flow’ {measure of page link trustworthiness}

IC: Index Count {the number of pages on this domain that are indexed in Bing Globally}.

RDD: The total number of unique backlinks pointing to a specific domain.

RDP: The total number of unique domains with backlinks pointing to a specific page.

BLP: The total number of links pointing to a specific URL.

BLD: The total number of external links pointing to any page on that domain.

BLEG: The total number of .edu and .gov backlinks pointing to a webpage on the site.

DMZ: Whether a site is listed on DMOZ.

YAH: Whether a site is listed on Yahoo Directory.


I have actually not really used the features offered in this module mostly because I don’t actually need it unless if I want to buy an exact match domain that I will use to start-up affiliate sites. What this module offers is you can use it to purchase quality domains ready for register either you are looking to buy exact match domains (can be really stressful to research and find on various Domain registrars) which you can regularly purchase and resell at higher prices on domain brokerage sites or to buy quality Domains related to your Keywords. Whichever that you choose this module can do it for you.

domain samurai

Clicking on ‘’ I was taken to the Domain samurai page. Here you can select which registrar you want to register with.

domain samurai 2

I quickly did a check for ‘’ on Whois –

domain samurai 3

You can see it shows ‘Deleted’ meaning it has been registered before but was later deleted either the owner didn’t want to renew the domain or he forgot to pay for it and it was made available again by the registrar. Market Samurai makes sure your keyword is on the URL of all the listed domains.

I actually played around with this module just to figure out what it offers and it’s really amazing, you can actually buy any domain you find interesting directly through this module. This Domain feature is just one of the modules in Market Samurai which you can get at a 35% exclusive discount for only $97.


Also, I must admit I have never used this feature; not that it’s not important but because am not subscribed to various platform in it which allows you to earn revenue as an affiliate by displaying their product ads. What this module does is it can search Amazon, ClickBank, CJ and PayDotCom using your keyword to uncover possible products which you can promote as an affiliate.

monetization samurai

Do you know you can actually create ads using this module (can be Static or Dynamic ads) of any product within the above platform and publish it right away to your desired location on your website.

Find Content:

What this module does is it searches and scrapes content found on (article directories; blogs; picture/video sites; news sites and answers sites etc) that mentions your keyword. All you will do is select which sites you want Market Samurai to search your keyword and click ‘Find Content’. It will go and search content on these sites and present you the contents having your keyword. Next, is that you click ‘Analyze’ and this module will analyze those site accompanied with other useful information like Pagerank of the page; Age; backlinks; etc

This will help you a lot if you are planning to write a post regarding a particular topic, Rewrite an old content to produce newly fresh unique content, comment to get backlinks. Whatever you want to do with this content is up to you.

find content samurai

Clicking on one of the above, I was taken to this page-

find content samurai 2

Publish Content:

This is another feature which I haven’t tried my hands on mostly because I do my entire posting, editing etc within WordPress platform. This feature is actually cool. What it does is you can publish content to numerous blogs that you own via this module. As for those using WordPress, I prefer you continue using WordPress in doing your posting because the features offered in this module is limited compared to WordPress.

Showing one of my sites having content

publish content

You can see it also shows all the articles I have posted whether through WordPress or Publish content module.


The promotion part of this module gives you a list of Web 2.0 sites, answers sites, blogs and forums. You can select which ones you want to search through and you will be presented with a whole lot of pages that mention your keyword. This could be a relevant link building opportunities through blog commenting, reaching out to request for guest posting or any other method you can think of.

I only tried this module twice, actually did Blog commenting on a page related to my keyword. Mostly, links that comes from this link building technique are No follow. So you can use it to diversify and dilute your Do follow links.

promotion samurai

That’s pretty much of all the different features offered in Market Samurai.

Well!! If you made it down here, I must say a big thank you for making out time to read till the End my long detailed Market Samurai review and I must congratulate you for that.

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